A Day in the Life of an Emergency Veterinary Clinic

Written by: Malinda Larkin
Published on: Mar 24, 2022

two vets with a dog
Photo credit: zorandim75/Adobe Stock

The Sunday afternoon sun streams through the windows of Iowa Veterinary Specialties’ reception area, which stretches lengthwise, enough to comfortably seat at least a dozen clients. But none are there. Instead, they sit in their cars in the parking lot, the engines humming in unison.

Inside the reception area, the only sound is the low din from phones ringing and receptionists talking on the phone with clients. Often the conversations go like this:

“Thank you for calling Iowa Veterinary Specialties. This is Courtney, how can I help you?”

A pet owner asks how long the wait would be for a walk-in appointment.

“We are pretty busy today. I’d say it’s a one- to two-hour wait before a doctor can see you. “

The owner says she’ll come back Monday.

About every 20 minutes, an overhead announcement breaks the relative quiet to summon a veterinary technician to the front for an emergency case.

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