Comparison of Resident and Intern Salaries With the Current Living Wage as a Quantitative Estimate of Financial Strain Among Postgraduate Veterinary Trainees

Written by: Samantha L. Morello, Kai-Biu Shiu, Joseph Thurston
Published on: Mar 31, 2022

veterinary assistant
Photo credit: Ekaterina/Adobe Stock

There is a price for higher education in the US, and veterinary medicine is no exception.

In 2020, the cost of a 4-year veterinary education at accredited institutions in the US ranged from $170,742 to $289,597 for in-state residents and from $222,612 to $481,514 for nonresidents; these numbers are anticipated to grow along with the overall rising costs of education.1,2 In addition, 40% of veterinary students matriculating in the US with a projected graduation date of 2024 had already accrued debt from their undergraduate coursework,2 and mean educational indebtedness acquired during the veterinary degree program by the 82% of graduates who left with debt at the end of the 2020 academic year was $178,585.2

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