Dr. Maro: Now is Good Time to Consider Veterinary Career

Written by: Dr. Cynthia Maro
Published on: Jan 13, 2022

veterinarian with a dog
Photo credit: BraunS/Getty Images

If you love animals and want to help them and their families, this is an ideal time to consider a career working in a veterinary clinic. A very high number of area veterinary clinics, including mine, are in need of staff and are actively interviewing. “Why is that?” you may ask. 

Frankly, the animals and their families need people with compassion and healing/helping inclinations to re-enter the workforce. Too many people have left the workforce to continue to offer high-quality service in veterinary medicine and many other fields. People need to fill roles that serve the community. 

Before the pandemic, many veterinary clinics had some open positions. After the pandemic started, the demand for veterinary care became tremendous. And many support staff had to go to part-time work or leave their in-person vet jobs in order to stay with their children and elderly family members.

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