Employment Law: What is Affecting Veterinary Medicine?

Written by: Kristen Coppock, Caitlin McCafferty
Published on: Feb 3, 2022

vet with a headset in front of a computer
Photo credit: Agenturfotografin/Shutterstock

According to Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD, owner of Veterinary Business Advisors Inc. (VBA) in New Jersey, tons of employment law and Human Resource issues have emerged in veterinary medicine within the past 2 years.

In a recent interview with dvm360® at the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference (ACVC), Lacroix discussed 3 different drawbacks veterinary professionals are braving plus a few solutions to help.

One major issue that LaCroix identified is how operations at practices have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinics began reimagining how they provide and practice veterinary care by offering services such as drive-up appointments, telemedicine, curbside care, and touchless pay options. Though these innovations do not come without a few caveats, Lacroix firmly believes these adaptions—especially telemedicine—are here to stay.

“I think telemedicine is going to change how we deliver our services because there are just not enough veterinarians to see every patient,” explained LaCroix. “If we can find a way to deliver or use telemedicine just like the human physicians do—not to replace the VCPR [Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship]—but as an extension so that when veterinarians think it is appropriate they can go ahead and help patients until they can get into our practices.”

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