Green Light for Boldon Veterinary Hospital Expected to Create 70 Jobs

Written by: Chris Binding
Published on: Mar 3, 2022

veterinary surgeon giving anaesthetic to a dog
Photo credit: urbancow/Getty Images

Back in November 2021, South Tyneside Council’s planning department received an application for a unit at Boldon Business Park in the Boldon Colliery ward.

The application proposed changing the use of an industrial building in Brooklands Way to a veterinary practice, with a number of external and internal works, including new windows, external doors, and lobby, as well as an overhaul of the internal layout.

A report prepared by council planning officers stated the unit was previously used for “washing trucks”, but has been vacant for an “extended period of time”.

According to this, veterinary practice ‘Bridge Referrals’ needs a larger building to house MRI and CT machines “which would be unviable in smaller units”.

The proposals, which will provide specialist services for small animals across the North East, were approved in the New Year.

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