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Leading Veterinary Organizations Announce Award-Winning Ideas Addressing the Profession’s Mental Health Issues

Published on: Sep 29, 2022

veterinarian mental health
Photo credit: luismolinero/Adobe Stock

Veterinary Visionaries® announces the winning idea from its Spring Solving Event, which advocated for systemic changes within the profession to address mental health and psychological wellbeing.

The winning idea, selected from 133 submissions, was offered by Coral Doherty, RVT, CPHSA, from Better Mental Health for the Future in Manitoba, Canada. Her submission focuses on creating Standards for Psychological Health and Safety in the veterinary field and was selected using a variety of criteria, such as scalability and impact. This idea aligns well with countries like Canada adopting standards for psychological safety across multiple industries.

Veterinary Visionaries®, a collaborative effort of more than 60 of North America’s leading veterinary organizations working together to solve the profession’s biggest challenges, created its first crowdsourced solving campaign in May 2022.

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