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  • Lucky's cardiac ablation surgery

    Specialists in Action: Lucky's Cardiac Ablation Surgery

    • Apr 9, 2024
    • Brendan Howard

    Veterinary Cardiologist Dr. Kathy Wright teamed up with a pediatric surgeon to perform a lifesaving cardiac procedure on Lucky the Labrador puppy.

  • PODCAST: Collaborative Care in Action

    • Mar 26, 2024

    In the latest episode of "Beyond the Clinic," a veterinary specialist and general practitioner discuss how their collaboration helped save a client's beloved dog.

  • Career Spotlight: Heather Simon-Buonocore

    • Mar 12, 2024

    Dr. Simon-Buonocore worked as a general practitioner for ten years before deciding to pursue specialization in veterinary neurology.

  • Veterinary Staff Salaries Increasing, Survey Finds

    • Feb 27, 2024

    A 2023 survey conducted by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association indicates an overall increase in veterinary staff compensation since 2021.

  • Committee Spotlight: SAIM Form Review

    • Feb 13, 2024

    In this new series highlighting ACVIM committees, we interview Dr. Autumn Harris, Chair of the SAIM Form Review Committee.

  • Specialists in Action: Emily's Brain Tumor

    • Jan 30, 2024
    • Brendan Howard

    Veterinary Neurologist Dr. John Rossmeisl led the clinical trial that saved Emily, a Portuguese Water Dog diagnosed with glioblastoma.

  • AAHA Staff Retention Survey

    Why Do Veterinary Staff Leave and What Can Be Done To Make Them Want To Stay?

    • Jan 16, 2024

    A 2023 AAHA survey found that nearly 30% of veterinary professionals in clinical practice plan to leave their current job within the coming year.

  • New AVMA Survey Provides Insight into Pet Owner Attitudes

    • Dec 18, 2023
    • Mark Rosati

    A 2023 survey by the AVMA was conducted to better understand animal owners’ attitudes and experiences in the wake of disruptions caused over the last few years.

  • Specialists in Action: Mabel's One-of-a-Kind Procedure

    • Nov 28, 2023
    • Brendan Howard

    Small Animal Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Audrey Cook was determined to save Mabel after the young cat developed a life-threatening stricture.

  • Avin Arjoonsingh ACVIM Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Avin Arjoonsingh

    • Nov 13, 2023

    An interview with newly-boarded small animal internal medicine specialist Dr. Avin Arjoonsingh, the first ACVIM Diplomate from Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Wellbeing Programs for Veterinary Professionals by State (USA)

    • Oct 31, 2023

    This resource from the AVMA examines state laws and regulations that authorize or establish wellbeing programs for licensed veterinarians.

  • Beyond the Clinic: A New Podcast Powered by

    • Oct 17, 2023

    Beyond the Clinic features discussions with ACVIM Diplomates as they share their insights and expertise in the field of veterinary specialty medicine.

  • Free Online Support Groups for Veterinarians

    • Sep 28, 2023

    The ACVIM has partnered with the Veterinary Hope Foundation to offer online support groups to our community.

  • Janelle Campbell Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Janelle Campbell

    • Sep 20, 2023

    An interview with newly boarded Diplomate of Veterinary Nutrition, Dr. Janelle Campbell.

  • ACVIM Career Spotlight Dr. Jennifer Kim

    Career Spotlight: Jennifer Kim

    • Sep 5, 2023

    An interview with Veterinary Oncologist and President of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) Dr. Jennifer Kim.

  • ACVIM Climbing Mt Debt Webinar

    Free Debt-Counseling Webinars: Presented by the ACVIM and VIN Foundation

    • Aug 21, 2023

    The ACVIM and VIN Foundation are collaborating to present four free debt-counseling webinars, each tailored to a specific group in our community.

  • Free Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Webinar for Veterinary Professionals

    • Jul 25, 2023

    Delve into the latest research on suicide and its causes in this conversation on veterinary mental health with experts from the AVMA and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC).

  • Hélène Marie Desanti Consoli Career Spotlight

    Career Spotlight: Hélène Marie Desanti Consoli

    • Jul 11, 2023

    An interview with newly boarded Large Animal Internal Medicine Diplomate Dr. Hélène Marie Desanti Consoli, a Costa Rica native now working in France.

  • ACVIM Specialty Trademark Approval Update

    ACVIM Trademarks Specialty Titles

    • Jun 14, 2023

    After a year of working with the United State Patent and Trademark Office, the ACVIM have successfully registered trademarking for five specialty titles.

  • Specialists in Action: Sasha's Sudden Paralysis

    • May 30, 2023
    • Brendan Howard

    Sasha was an active young dachshund until the day she unexpectedly stopped walking. Her owners rushed her to an emergency clinic, where they were referred to Veterinary Neurologist Dr. Michael Wong.