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DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital


Our Values


Access (always) is our commitment to being there; being available. Because being open is about more than business hours, but rather, about being open to learning. Open to compassion, whenever support is needed most.


Empathy begins before our first interaction. Because even before we can share what we know, or do what we do in caring for animals, we must care for people. This is for everyone who works here; every veterinary professional who we support; and every client in need of our service.


We are underscoring our promise to provide quality care to all who enter our doors. As a non-profit, we are measured differently. We invest more deeply in the care we deliver. This is our commitment to giving back: to care, to people, and to our communities.


Community engagement is our social contract for meeting the evolving needs of all the people and places in which we do business. That community is expanding as we expand our reach and diversify our offering. We understand that true engagement takes in as much as it gives and it strives to give more than is asked.


Continuous improvement is our oath to being better than ever. It’s about taking the necessary steps, every day, to be a better business. To be here when we are needed, whenever we are needed. To be better community partners, better listeners, better providers of care at all costs. Because better care is the bottom line.

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