Mobile and Teleconsulting Veterinary Cardiologists and Internists Needed

100% commission rate
Sep 16, 2021
Oct 16, 2021
Practice Area
Small Animal, Cardiology
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Run your own veterinary mobile and teleconsulting service the way you have always wanted to!


You can keep 100% of what you earn, set your own rates, set your own schedule (yes, you can set your availability for teleconsults) and bring your independent services to a collaborative veterinary medicine platform. With thousands of large metropolitan veterinary clinics already using the platform on a daily basis, you will have a plethora of potential teleconsultation referral cases from around the country.


Work with other specialists of your choosing to deliver amazing results for clients from the comfort of your home. Generate reports easily and efficiently. With a streamlined collaborative platform, you can turn your cardiology or internal medicine expertise into a reliable teleconsultation revenue stream. With integrated invoicing your cases are easily billed securely and paid directly to your bank account with just a few simple clicks.


On YourViewDr you set up your own branding as a company or as an individual. Onboarding your clients is made easy. Integrating with DICOM direct send is simple.


Everything is in place for you to be successful!


Sign up on the platform at today to get started. Please email with any questions you have.