Oncology Veterinary Technician

Pearl City, Hawaii
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Jan 12, 2022
Jan 17, 2022
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Private Practice
Job Description:

The ideal candidate will have VTS or RVT/LVT goal or have obtained their licensing and have experience in Oncology or Internal Medicine.

Required for this position:

The ability to follow directions with and without supervision; the ability to lift objects or pets of at least 30 pounds; the ability to control large, anxious, or angry pets; the ability to recognize certain behaviors in animals; the ability to learn and understand medical terminology and procedures; the ability to admit or ask questions when a task is unclear; the ability to show leadership towards other techs, assistants, and volunteers; ability to adapt to the needs and styles of other technicians and doctors; the ability to work with computers and other office equipment; the ability to spell, alphabetize, and perform basic mathematics; and the ability to provide exceptional customer service.

Persons to report to: Specialty Hospital Manager, Medical Director, Oncology Doctors, Staff Doctors

Task Descriptions: As a veterinary technician, your job entails several important aspects of our hospital à animal care and treatment, customer service, and hospital cleanliness.

Animal Care and Treatment Responsibilities - restraint; blood draws; placement of IV catheters (peripheral and central lines in multiple areas); ability to use butterfly catheters to administer chemotherapy over 5-20 minutes; understand the importance of sterility when placing an intravenous catheter, as well as when re/connecting intravenous lines; auscultate heart and lungs and determine abnormalities; recognize potential health care issues; perform Doppler blood pressures correctly and determine abnormal readings; document all findings in the medical record including weight and temperature on all appointments; clearly communicate findings to the doctor; perform diagnostic radiographs; set up for or perform multiple procedures including but not limited to fine needle aspirates, skin biopsies, bone marrow aspirates and biopsies, pericardiocentesis, thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis, subcutaneous, intravenous, and intramuscular injections; the ability to gather and prepare tissue samples for culture, cytology and histopathologic diagnosis; a working knowledge of the mechanism of action of commonly used chemotherapy agents; a working knowledge of commonly used and recognized chemotherapy protocols; the ability to calculate drug dosages correctly, a working knowledge of the safe handling of chemotherapy agents from mixing, to delivery and disposal, a working knowledge of the side effects of chemotherapy agents and the ability to identify and ameliorate them; ability to read cytologies and blood smears; working knowledge of basic cell biology; mathematics (including % solutions, mEq in solution, manual drip rates); changing O2 tanks; assistance of doctor during surgical procedures; maintaining inventory; maintaining chemotherapy drug inventory; knowledge of fluids and rates; knowledge of drugs, dosages and their usages; always maintaining a high standard of patient care; and assisting the other technicians and doctors in any way asked to do so.

Customer Service Responsibilities - Efficiently organize the Oncologist's schedules and procedures to best utilize time; schedule appointments; communication with referring veterinarians regarding referrals; call back and follow up phone calls; demonstrate excellent relations with clients and patients; build rapport with clients and pets; exceed the client's expectations of service; keep clients informed of waiting times; participate in client communication and education, explaining administration of medications, follow up care, diet recommendations, discharge instructions, and general animal care; taking and passing messages on to appropriate staff member; prepping client and examination rooms for doctor; obtaining appropriate patient history; appropriate record keeping; knowledge of computer system; checking in daily drop off patients and ensuring all paperwork is filled out (cage cards and treatment sheets); discharging in-hospital, out-patient, and procedural patients; assisting in client-present euthanasia; assisting clients with multiple pets or large purchases; maintaining compassion, sympathy and professionalism during high-stress situations. Able to enter in all charges on outpatients.

Hospital Cleanliness Responsibilities - vacuuming; mopping; changing garbage; dusting; following daily, weekly, and monthly task lists; cleaning and maintaining all sinks; laundry; kennel cleaning of your discharged patients; proper dilutions for cleaning solutions; maintaining cleaning supplies; cleaning windows and doors; replenishing supplies (including paper towels, garbage bags, air fresheners); knowledge of patient isolation protocols; and overall maintenance (both inside and outside the hospital) of the sights, smells and sounds of the hospital.

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