ACVIM Large Animal Candidate Boot Camp Workshop

ACVIM Large Animal Candidate Boot Camp Workshop

ACVIM Large Animal Candidate Boot Camp Workshop

Date: On demand through March 2023
Location: Virtual 
Audience: ACVIM Candidates
Specialty: Large Animal Internal Medicine
Type: On Demand
CE Hours: 6

Course Overview

This one-day, intensive live virtual workshop will provide ACVIM Large Animal residents advanced training in equine cardiovascular disorders, endocrine and metabolic disease, and business skills management. This training program is designed to support the training that residents receive at their institutions by providing an intensive experience with experts in these fields. The course will be comprised of highly interactive lectures and sessions.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Obtain and interpret basic images of an echocardiogram
  2. Interpret electrocardiograms of the most common arrhythmias of horses
  3. Diagnose and treat murmurs, valvular heart disease, and cardiac arrhythmias
  4. Perform and interpret diagnostic procedures and manage horses with equine PPID and equine metabolic syndrome
  5. Demonstrate career employability skills such as analyzing employment contracts and developing negotiation skills


On Demand registration is open! Sign up today to access the same great live virtual course content on demand, at your convenience.

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